Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dark Knight - review notes

[Some thoughts and reactions that I found scribbled on a piece of paper as I was cleaning. Cleaning house, so to speak, physically and mentally.]

Nolan offers an interesting interpretation of Batman and those around him.

Tense movie - problems and paranoia build up...
- Good control over pacing

Excellent interpretation of the Joker.
- Esp. in the beginning, with how he treats his gang.

Tech and fight scenes

Mob left an open question...

Not a hero the city needs but one it deserves.

To bear the burden

"An engine of chaos"

Need something to reward their faith

*Prisoner's Dilemma* - and they played the scenario with the best outcome for everyone...

To seek validation/invalidation for one's existence...
- Harvey, Batman, Joker

Joker's left alive!

1st movie w/o "Batman" in title

Lives up to the title, though...

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