Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Give My Love to the Vegetarians & Vegans...

Through the Arizona Daily Wildcat:

I visited Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet for this week's Thrifty Foodie review. It's a beautiful place with yummy food.

I Conquer the Kitchen with Ali Freedman and her recipe for vegan snickerdoodles. They taste just like regular snickerdoodles!

Alas, the Mix is dead. But look for next Wednesday's WILDlife for my CD review and my next Thrifty Foodie review.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wearing the Green over the Blue (WILDlife & St. Patrick's Day)

This week, I'm in love with Neko Case's new album, "Middle Cyclone." (It should read 4.5 out of 5 stars.)

Becca Lesser and I "Conquer the Kitchen" with a tasty, and potent, Baileys Chocolate Mousse Pie. (Sadly, I had no time to make the crust, but I did make the whipped cream from scratch.)

I offer a shorthand guide of place for good pub grub on University Avenue and Fourth Avenue. I won't be making friends with The Auld Dubliner or Gentle Ben's anytime soon. Then again, I doubt they even noticed me there unless I had a pint in hand. (Note: I don't drink.)

I contribute to this week's Mix, which is in honor of St. Patrick's Day and Irish performers. I recommend The Pogues' "Transmetropolitan" and Dexys Midnight Runners' "Jackie Wilson Said" and "Let's Make This Precious."

And now, spring break!

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The Dark Knight - review notes

[Some thoughts and reactions that I found scribbled on a piece of paper as I was cleaning. Cleaning house, so to speak, physically and mentally.]

Nolan offers an interesting interpretation of Batman and those around him.

Tense movie - problems and paranoia build up...
- Good control over pacing

Excellent interpretation of the Joker.
- Esp. in the beginning, with how he treats his gang.

Tech and fight scenes

Mob left an open question...

Not a hero the city needs but one it deserves.

To bear the burden

"An engine of chaos"

Need something to reward their faith

*Prisoner's Dilemma* - and they played the scenario with the best outcome for everyone...

To seek validation/invalidation for one's existence...
- Harvey, Batman, Joker

Joker's left alive!

1st movie w/o "Batman" in title

Lives up to the title, though...

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Monday, March 2, 2009

I Am the Fourth Estate

This week, I eat at The Hungry Fox and find some good comfort foods while under the careful watch of stoic nutcrackers.

I Conquer the Kitchen this week with Lisa Gatlin. We make a rainbow cake that's fit for a festive birthday. And we now have a theme song, too!

Check out Wednesday's Daily Wildcat for a culinary tribute to the late, great Dr. Seuss.

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