Monday, December 27, 2010

Wading into the 21st century

I type this using the Firefox extension ScribeFire in order to talk about the use of my new G2 phone and to test out its tethering function. My parents have cable but no Internet, so it's always tricky trying to find some way to get online. I had to install two applications, one for my laptop, another for my phone, in order to get any sort of connection. It's working right now and I'm rather amazed. This is like being in the middle of a jungle with a satellite phone as my only means of communication, only with smaller, lighter equipment and much less money needed.

However, such breaks from being ever connected (or at least potentially ever connected) give me opportunities to step back and evaluate where I am. Now a house cleaning is in order, literally and metaphorically speaking, which will be followed by a new order. To aid in this endeavor, I'll keep a list of what I've parted with. It will serve as a map of progress.

Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about this year and all I need to do in the time that remains.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friends and projects

My friend Bo is working on creating a record and asking for funds via Kickstarter. Minimum pledge is $1 for a song and public thanks. More info here:

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New season

Finals are done. After some rest, change.

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