Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pains of Being Pure at Heart concert

Great show. Tauni met up with me. Liked all the bands, surprised about Cymbals Eat Guitars. Two of the guys from The Depreciation Guild are also in PoBPaH, which might explain how one song from each band referenced the drum intro from "Be My Baby."

Found out Peggy of PoBPaH is good friends with Carlen, who costars in the band's video, "Everything With You." Apparently Carlen found her through MySpace and they later met for a "blind MySpace date." (Sounds like something Carlen would do, actually.) She's just as sweet as Carlen.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flamenco on display

My first multimedia project of the semester was on Tucson's First Spanish and Flamenco Festival. Photographer Emily Jones captured some great images while I interviewed some UA students who performed at the festival.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Food and music is the life I live now

My apologies for posting these so late. There have been some network problems and I've been rushing from one class to another. Anyway, here they are:

Saigon Pho review: "And it is the broth that distinguishes Saigon Pho’s version of this comfort food."

On Sally Shapiro's second album: "Whereas Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance sounded like the perfect winter soundtrack, My Guilty Pleasure rushes in like the spring snow melt."

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talking about Disney+Marvel, pizza, "Extract"

I talk about Disney's purchase of Marvel Comics, which is a nice present for Marvel's 70th birthday. What wasn't a nice present is Kodansha ending its licensing agreement with Tokyopop, a major U.S. manga publishing company.

(Illustration by Ken Wright. Copyright Arizona Daily Wildcat.)

Mario's Pizza is better than average.

Mike Judge's "Extract" is not bad.

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