Sunday, May 4, 2008


In a rare night of TV watching, I saw Santogold perform on one of the late night shows. (Its name escapes me at the moment.) There's something about "L.E.S. Artistes" that caught my ear immediately. Was it the buzzing sound that forms part of the music's tapestry? The strained voice singing about a desire to leave behind noxious people and metamorphose into someone different, someone better? Either way, the cultural and musical signifiers embedded in this song are very appealing.

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Liz said...

The video is also appealing, in a creepy way. I found myself both amused and slightly disturbed while watching it. I'm quite impressed because most music videos I've seen are usually trite or overly showy. The song, combined with the video, becomes quite powerful and thought-provoking.

Steven said...

You're right Liz. It's as if Santogold was poking fun at other music videos that rely on overly sensational presentation.