Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Things, Or Why I Rarely Do These Lists

1. From 4th to 8th grade, I immersed myself in books on religion, philosophy, science, psychology, art history, history, sociology, spirituality, mythology, the paranormal, magic, world superstitions, and urban legends along with whatever "age appropriate" fiction I could grab from the Phoenix public libraries, all in a search for answers about the world, myself, and people. In contrast to most of my friends at that time, these books were my "church" since my family is areligious. My grand conclusion, which I rediscovered junior year of high school, is that the world is a strange, sometimes beautiful place.

2. Despite the areligious nature of my family, we are quite respectful of the dead and I am especially mindful of how funeral rituals in my family are conducted, knowing that I may have to perform them someday.

3. I fear pain more than death. Yet I'm fine with needles and heavy dental work.

4. I've been told I should do the following professions based on my skills and interests: dentist, detective, columnist, ninja (I'm Chinese but whatever), pharmacist, doctor, scientist, professor (caveat: see next item), counselor, psychologist, and stockbroker.

5. I've been told to not do the following professions: chef, restaurant owner, philosophy professor, journalist, copy editor, and teacher.

6. I walk quietly most of the time and inadvertently sneak up on people, scaring a few years off their life each time. (Hence, the ninja suggestion.)

7. My first kiss was in 1st grade from a girl named Leigh. It was lunch recess and we were in the middle of the bustling soccer field. She said she liked me and then kissed me on the lips, catching me completely off guard. This kid named George liked her at the time and saw what happened. He put up his fists, wanting to fight me then and there. Thankfully, the recess bell rang and we all went back to class. Leigh moved and transferred to a new school a few weeks later.

8. My parents believe that I'll be the last child, out of three, to get married.

9. My siblings and I look like our parents, but according to friends, family and ourselves, we don't look like we're related.

10. One thing I think everyone needs, and deserves, is custom tailored clothing.

11. Although I don't watch them that often, I get sucked into anything that showcases fashion e.g. the Academy Awards, America's Next Top Model, Elle, Vogue and so on. But I find most men's fashion to be painfully drab compared to women's fashion.

12. Depending on the subject, I tend to write treatises and monographs via email, much to the consternation or delight of the receiver. The most I've written in an email so far was approximately 5,300 words, which took about 3.5 hours to write and edit. (Editing took up the majority of that time, actually.) I've been trying to cut back on such emails.

13. I discovered last year in a not-so-fun way that I'm not allergic to bees. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to anything.

14. I want to go on food tours around the world, starting with the good ol' US of A. But at the top of that list would be China, Spain, Japan, Mexico, France, and Italy.

15. I try not to dream because about 25 percent of them come true. It weirds me out every time. When not dreaming about glimpses of the future, I dream about superheroes and superpowers, fighting or living among zombies, and a melange of action/adventure/espionage.

16. I rarely read books more than once for leisure because I don't have the attention span or the patience to revisit them. But I'm fine with re-watching movies and TV shows.

17. My fingers are rather flexible. The most flexible digit is my thumb, which I can bend backwards to a 90 degree angle.

18. The lack of a defined chin or jawline on any person or animal is unsettling to me, e.g. three-toed sloths.

19. Whenever I need to say something important to someone or someones, I imagine the conversation in my head over and over again. However, the actual conversation never happens as I want it to, e.g. asking someone to go out on a date, speeches, interviews.

20. The bon mots that come out of my mouth most of the time are ex nihilo, that is, I have no idea where they come from, such as "ex nihilo."

21. What I consider debating, others see as arguing. This has led to many unfortunate misunderstandings.

22. I go overboard with research when it comes to something new and unknown. Actually I delve into a topic much more deeply than I need to sometimes.

23. The "weirdest" things I've eaten is a three-way tie between stir-fried dog, stewed fish intestine, and congealed pig blood.

24. Visiting my parents' villages in China was one of the best, and saddest, trips of my life. The villagers were either 50+ or children no older than 10. Adults younger than 50 had moved to the cities or out of the country, earning money to send back home. Many houses were dusty and overgrown from years of emptiness. I walked on a pathway made of garbage that led to an area of seemingly endless rice paddies. One household invited my two siblings and me to their meal of rice and stir-fried vegetables. They were a married couple with an infant. They barely enough had food for themselves. We thanked them but declined the offer. The village roasted a whole pig and set off a chain of firecrackers in honor of our visit.

25. I hate writing lists/memes such as this mainly because I have trouble finding anything worth saying, but I like to read them.

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