Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 A.D.

2008 has been a horrific and hopeful year. We've seen Chinese manufacturers save on production costs in exchange for lives — again. The FDA seems to be growing a spine for once. The Olympics were amazing. Zhang Yimou's opening and closing ceremonies were fitting. Michael Phelps — I doubt no one will be able to break his record. The U.S. is still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Finally, 2008 will be remembered in the U.S. as a historic year in politics: One serious female contender for the presidency; one not-so-serious female contender for the vice presidency; the oldest presidential candidate; and the first black man elected to the U.S. presidency.

I'm not big on new year resolutions since I celebrate 2 new years every year (which is as wonderful as it sounds). It would seem weird to have two sets of resolutions within weeks of each other. Yet I'm sentimental enough to suggest improvements to myself around the first new year's eve. So in no particular order here I go:

Follow my passions.
Improve my cooking and writing skills.
Simplify my life.

That's it. Happy new year!

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